The leaves may be changing, but you don’t have to retreat indoors! While summer’s long days may be behind us, there is still plenty of adventure to be had in the fall. Once October hits, I often feel the impetus to cozy up on my couch rather than heading outside, but keeping a good ratio of indoor and outdoor activities are a sure way to beat the seasonal blues. Whether it’s a quick morning hike or a weekend getaway, fall is the perfect time to make the most of the fading daylight.

Making an adventure out of a traditional fall activity is a great way to weave some travel into the season. Find a pumpkin patch that is farther away than usual and make a day (or weekend) of it! Cuddle up with your family in a cozy Airbnb and get a lil’ festive: serve up some butternut squash soup, tell ghost stories, and watch Charlie Brown.

There are also plenty of adventures to experience that aren’t dependent on a holiday:


Nestle yourself amongst the aspens and get up close and personal with a campfire. There’s no better way to experience fall than with a front row seat to a cascade of falling leaves.



Too rainy or cold to camp? Set up your tent inside and roast marshmallows in the fireplace or over the stove. Find a local corn maze or even take a walk in your local park for some fresh fall air.


Mmmm moringa s’mores!

Train Trip

Take some time to research train routes in your area. Both local and intercity routes can provide a unique way to travel and experience your region. Leisurely riding a train can be one of the best ways to take in the beauty of fall.


Hop in the Car

Take a scenic drive to the mountains, ocean, or cute nearby town. End the trip with a brewery or bakery tour to treat yoself!


Sign Up for a Race

Whether you prefer 5ks or 10ks, marathons or half marathons, races are abundant in the fall. Slip on your lucky pair of running shoes and enter into your town’s annual turkey trot!


Last-minute Getaway

If you’re looking for a more extreme change of pace, keep your eye on flight sales with websites like Fareness and Kayak. Both sites search the internet to find the best deals for international and domestic airfare so that you can finally cash in those vacation days on the beach in Hawaii.



Happy Travels!

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