EJ with Kuli Kuli at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017

Moringa Mornings: My New Cup of Coffee

We met EJ Maldonado, an active member of the trail running community in the Lake Tahoe area, at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2017. EJ’s become a huge fan of our Kuli Kuli Moringa Green Energy shots. Read his story below.

As an ultrarunner, there are few things more important to me than a nice strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning before a run. It’s a staple. But in my quest to keeping my dietary intake as clean as possible, I was in search of something else. Something new. Something that would still give me the energy boost I wanted but also the things that were missing in my morning cup of coffee.

Enter Kuli Kuli and moringa.

I met Emma and Jessica in the weeks leading into Wanderlust Squaw Valley. They planned to have a booth set up throughout the festival, and I was leading running workshops. We discussed collaborating during the festival, which involved Kuli Kuli providing Moringa Green Energy Shots and Superfood Bars to all the runners in my groups. The timing of this discussion was impeccable. Not only was I looking for something new, but they were looking to expand their reach to the running community.

Moringa Green Energy shots

I received my care package of product samples and had the opportunity to test the Moringa Green Energy Shots every day before coming to Wanderlust. I deliberately forwent my cup of coffee, slammed a shot, and hit the trails. From day one, I noticed a difference. The energy from the green tea extract was balanced and sustained, unlike coffee or other energy products on the market which tends to produce the jitters.  Throughout every run, my body felt refreshed and full of energy. No matter the distance of the run, I never reached a point of energy crash or depletion. Something that would happen often with my normal coffee routine on long runs. This, along with the added benefit of leafy greens, all nine essential amino acids, and vitamins A, C, and E, I was sold!

I needed no further convincing that this was exactly the thing I was looking for to add to my training regimen… a clean, green alternative to coffee that complimented all aspects of my ultrarunning lifestyle.

Since Wanderlust, Moringa Green Energy Shots are my new morning staple.

I use them each and every morning before my runs. I use them on my long runs, which give me an added boost of energy and nutrients needed to sustain each and every mile. Also, I use them before and during each of my races, to include the Capital Climb and my recent finish, and distance PR, of the Headlands Hundred. The verdict: these shots are legit! They provide everything I’m looking for in a pre-run pick me up with all the added benefits of greens, vitamins, and amino acids needed to keep my body feeling fresh, energized, and living clean!